Introducing Bushel Farm's new Contracts feature. Goodbye manual entry. Hello automation.

July 26, 2023

“As we look to the future of innovation in agriculture, one thing is very clear: automatically gathering data and enabling connections can make farmers more productive. We believe that by integrating the power of Bushel's platform seamlessly into the Bushel Farm user experience that we can bring you value you can't find anywhere else.” - Bushel Farm Blog Post, June 2021

The future has arrived.

Today, we launched a new Contracts feature in Bushel Farm that allows farmers to automate the entry of grain contracts by connecting to their accounts with one or more of the 2,600 grain facilities in the Bushel Network.

We are thrilled to take this big step forward to further enable connections and automatically gather data to help farmers be more productive, more informed, and ultimately, more profitable.  

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Already have a Bushel Farm subscription? 

Go to the Contracts feature and connect. To access the Contracts feature, you must be subscribed to the Lite, Essentials or Business plan AND be an admin for your Bushel Farm account.

Not yet using Bushel Farm? 

Sign up for a 30-day free trial. Try the Business plan to test drive the most comprehensive and automated farm management tools, including P&L, machine data connections, marketing position and profitability calculations, and more.

Grain buying agribusiness interested in joining the Bushel Network?

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Learn More about the Contracts Feature

See all of your cash contracts in one place - no manual entry required!

  • After completing simple steps to connect your accounts, the details for contracts with buyers in the Bushel Network will feed into your Bushel Farm account automatically (just like machine data can today).  No more keeping track of paper contracts or manually entering the details for each contract!
  • If you’re doing business with grain buyers outside the Bushel Network, you can still manually enter those in the Contracts feature to keep track of all of your contracts in one place.
  • View a list of all contracts, click on one to see details, and sort or apply filters to find specific contracts. (Note: If you previously manually entered contracts with buyers in the Bushel Network, you will want to delete those contracts to avoid duplicates.)
  • The Contracts feature is available to Lite, Essentials, and Business plan subscribers. Compare plans here.

Contracts Screen_2023-07-12


Quickly surface real-time marketing insights to help you sell grain with confidence.

  • If you subscribe to the Essentials or Business plan, Bushel Farm can automatically generate a marketing position by crop (sold vs. unprotected) using your grain sales contract data and your production details. The marketing position is found in the Marketing feature of the app. 
  • If you’re a Business plan subscriber, Bushel Farm will auto-generate a profit and loss statement at the farm, crop, or field level using your grain sales contract data and production data. 
Marketing Feature
Bushel Farm's Marketing feature available to Essentials and Business plan subscribers.
P&L Feature
Bushel Farm's Proft & Loss Feature, available to Business plan subscribers.

It only takes a few minutes to connect! Check out the video below and/or get step-by-step instructions here on our Support Portal.


Kellie Livernois


Kellie Livernois is the Director of Farm Success for Bushel. She is passionate about helping growers use Bushel Farm to run more efficient and profitable farms.