Product Update: New Rainfall Summary Report

December 30, 2023

We're thrilled to unveil an exciting new addition to the Reports feature of Bushel Farm. Introducing the Monthly Rainfall Summary report, a monthly summary of daily rainfall amounts recorded for each of your mapped fields! 🌧️ 🌧️🌧️

 You can’t change the weather, but you can adapt your farm management practices to minimize crop losses. Accurate rainfall information, current and historical, can help. 

The Reports feature is part of the Bushel Farm Business plan. To access the report:

  • Go to the Reports feature
  • Select the Monthly Rainfall Summary report
  • Use the filters on the right-hand side to select the year, month, groups and/or fields for the report.
  • You can click "Load Report" to view on your screen and/or click "Download" to download the report as a CSV, PDF, or XLSX file.

Bushel Farm Monthly Rainfall Summary Report

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Kellie Livernois


Kellie Livernois is the Director of Farm Success for Bushel. She is passionate about helping growers use Bushel Farm to run more efficient and profitable farms.