Feature Preview: Custom Activity Types and Activity Costs

November 08, 2019

We are so excited to share an upcoming feature with you that we decided not to wait!

The very first feature we built at FarmLogs was our Activities record keeping tool. It started out as a basic way to document what you were doing in each field and has been improved over the years with capabilities such as batch logging and Automatic Activity Recording. For those of you using it this past year, you probably noticed some major improvements such as a more streamlined logging workflow and powerful new filters. We’re happy to share that we have two more big improvements coming soon: Custom Activity Types and Activity Costs!

Custom Activity Types - Make FarmLogs work the way you do

Settings - Activities Copy 3

Adding customized activity types allows you to get more specific about what types of operations are taking place in your business. With each type you are now able to have a default or custom cost which allows you to easily see how much you are spending on each category of activities on your farm. 


Activity Costs - Automatic cost of production measurement based on the things you actually do

Activities index - corn

With no extra work, you can easily track the cost of everything you do. Logging activities will keep a running total of the input and operation costs associated with each activity. Total production cost, and even cost per category, are updated in real-time as you log Activities making it easy to always know your cost of production across the farm. 

Activity Costs is just one of the major improvements we have in store for subscribers to our Complete plan and Activities add-on in the 2020 season. We’re working every day to bring more value directly to you and look forward to helping your business grow over the next season. 

Custom Activity Types and Activity Costs will be available in an upcoming release for Complete and Activities add-on subscribers. Please visit your FarmLogs account from your web browser if you’d like to upgrade. 


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Jesse Vollmar


Jesse Vollmar is co-founder of FarmLogs. He grew up on his family's fifth-generation farm in Michigan and graduated from Saginaw Valley State University with a BS in Computer Information Systems. Vollmar was named to the Forbes “30 under 30” list in 2014.