FarmLogs is Now Bushel Farm

March 02, 2023

FarmLogs got its start in 2011 when its co-founders saw technology making things easier for the world, but not back home on the farm. Over the next several years, the FarmLogs team built easy-to-use software that would help farmers run more efficient operations.  

In June 2021, Bushel acquired FarmLogs and made a commitment to build upon the strong foundation the FarmLogs team created while taking the farm management software to the next level.

After a couple of years of strong growth and bringing the knowledge and expertise of the FarmLogs and Bushel teams together, it is time to update our brand to better reflect who we are and all we have to offer.

We’re excited to share with you, the new Bushel Farm brand!

Read the Bushel Farm Announcement >>>


A Summary of Brand Updates
The functionality is the same. Only the branding changed.

New Name & Logo

From today forward, the former FarmLogs mobile and desktop app will be known as Bushel Farm.

Mobile App Icon & Name

If you have automatic updates turned on, your FarmLogs mobile app should be updated, and the green FarmLogs icon on your phone should be replaced with the new yellow barn icon representing Bushel Farm. You will not need to download a new Bushel Farm app, but you may need to manually update if you do not have automatic updates enabled. 

None of the information in your account is impacted, including your login credentials. When the app was updated on the March 1, 2023, you were automatically logged out, so if you haven’t already, you will need to log in using your existing credentials.


Rainfall, password reset, and other emails will come from email addresses ending in "" instead of "". Because our support team covers all Bushel products, not just Bushel Farm, support replies will come from a "" email address.

Website & Desktop App

The previous website is now available at And, the desktop app at is still functioning concurrently with

Kellie Livernois


Kellie Livernois is the Director of Farm Success for Bushel. She is passionate about helping growers use Bushel Farm to run more efficient and profitable farms.