5 Tips for a Balanced Approach to Grain Marketing: Insights from the 2024 State of the Farm Report

April 24, 2024


avigating grain marketing can be complex, but with a balanced approach, you can enhance your profitability and minimize risks. The 2024 State of the Farm Report by Bushel reveals valuable insights into effective grain marketing strategies, particularly emphasizing the role of technology and varied marketing practices. Here are five tips derived from the report to help you optimize your grain marketing efforts:


Embrace Technology for Marketing Decisions

A significant shift has been observed in how farmers manage their grain marketing, with 65% of respondents now open to using apps or websites to submit offers or sell grain—a notable increase from 47% in the previous year. Integrating digital tools into your grain marketing can provide real-time data and flexibility, allowing for more informed decisions.


Plan Early and Diversify Your Strategies

Larger and high-growth farms tend to price their production early and utilize diverse marketing strategies. For instance, 35% of farms over 2000 acres are comfortable marketing 50% of their anticipated production at or before planting. Consider diversifying your marketing plan to include futures, options, and forward contracts to spread risk and potentially lock in better prices.


Use Open Orders to Your Advantage

Among farmers under 60, 65% leave open orders with their grain buyers. Open orders allow you to set target prices that trigger automatically, ensuring you don’t miss profitable opportunities when you’re not watching the market every moment.


Stay Informed Through Local Buyers

Local grain buyers are crucial resources for market insights and strategies. The report highlights that 38% of farmers rely on local buyers more than any other marketing resource. Maintaining a good relationship with your buyers can provide you with valuable market intelligence and advice tailored to your local conditions.


Regularly Review and Adapt Your Marketing Plan

While only 30% of respondents have a documented marketing plan, those with one are increasingly adapting it to market conditions. Regularly reviewing and updating your marketing strategy in response to market trends and personal business goals can help maximize your outcomes.

Implementing these tips based on the latest trends and data from the Bushel 2024 State of the Farm Report can help you achieve a more balanced and proactive approach to grain marketing. By staying flexible, informed, and technologically adept, you can enhance your decision-making and overall business resilience in the dynamic agriculture market.





Kellie Livernois


Kellie Livernois is the Director of Farm Success for Bushel. She is passionate about helping growers use Bushel Farm to run more efficient and profitable farms.