Top Takeaways from 2022 State of the Farm Report

December 05, 2022

The 2022 State of the Farm Report provides a summary of insights on the current and future state of row crop farms in the U.S.  The insights were drawn from survey data collected in Winter 2021-22 when FarmLogs surveyed nearly 1,000 U.S. farmers, many of whom are FarmLogs users.

Check out some of the key insights below, or read the full report here.

Willingness to Change

Of the 92% of growers who are happy with the way they currently farm, 77% would be willing to change the way they farm if it would have a positive impact on the environment. 96% of them said they would change if they believed they would become more profitable. 


59% of respondents use a combination of technologies as part of their farm’s “tech stack.” 

Reduced Tillage

Survey responses showed an increase in no-till farming by 2% from 2020 to 2021 and a decrease in full tillage of 4%. These numbers coincide with trends found in the latest census report (2017) which stated that from 2012-2017, there was a 24% increase in reduced till acres and an 8% increase in no-till acreage.

Survey respondents noted less fuel cost, less topsoil loss, and less labor as the most prominent benefits of no-till.  On the flip side, respondents reported high cost, lack of knowledge, and the level of planting difficulty as the main roadblocks to no-till practices.

Carbon Credits 

61% of growers surveyed would be interested in participating in a carbon credit program that helps them get paid for the soil carbon improvement. 82% of those growers would be willing to change farming practices to participate in a carbon credit program.

Kellie Livernois


Kellie Livernois is the Director of Farm Success for Bushel. She is passionate about helping growers use Bushel Farm to run more efficient and profitable farms.