How Wet Has 2019 Actually Been?

June 04, 2019

Planting is on the minds of many farmers as excessive rainfall has resulted in unworkable fields. According to USDA reports, corn planting progress is currently at a record low in U.S. history.

USDA Planting Progress

The USDA reported that planted acres are lagging behind what they were last year by an average of 34%. Nearly all 21 of the top corn and soybean producing states (producing over 90% of U.S. corn and soybeans) are behind in planting progress compared to this time last year.

 corn acres-1

  soybean acres-1


Current and Historical Rainfall Averages

Using FarmLogs Rain & Heat History tool, we checked rainfall totals on select fields in the top 21 corn and soybean producing states. Of the states with more precipitation this year, 2019 has been an average of 28% wetter than both last year and the ten year average. 


Here, you can see the rainfall history records for each of the fields we spot checked:

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Rachel Nizinski


Rachel Nizinski is a Michigan native who developed a passion for agriculture throughout her time growing up in the Midwest. She attended Saginaw Valley State University, and joined the FarmLogs team as a content writer in 2016.