3 Big Takeaways: 2018 State of Grain Marketing Report

October 10, 2018

How are farmers making and executing crop marketing decisions? In our 2018 State of Grain Marketing Report, we surveyed over 1,000 farmers to uncover trends in how grain marketing decisions are being made.


1. Crop prices continue to be a top challenge

70% of growers identified crop prices as one of their biggest challenges. The average price for corn declined ~$0.11 from 2016 to 2017, and what we've seen from 2018 corn and soybean prices indicates that crop prices will continue to be a top challenge. 

average corn beans wheat prices received 2017

2. Many farmers know their cost of production per acre, but few plan their crop sales 

77% of farmers know their cost of production, yet only 26% of farmers plan out what percentage of crop they want sold by a certain date. 

planned and forward crop sales

3. Most farmers aren't taking advantage of risk management tools to sell their crop

Only 7% of farmers are using risk management tools to sell their grain, and 36% use spot sales during harvest when prices are historically at their lowest.

strategies used to market grain


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Rachel Nizinski


Rachel Nizinski is a Michigan native who developed a passion for agriculture throughout her time growing up in the Midwest. She attended Saginaw Valley State University, and joined the FarmLogs team as a content writer in 2016.