The 2016 FarmLogs Summer Roadshow Travel Log

Written by Ashley Rutter
August 09, 2016

This summer, we travelled across the United States to hear your stories about tech on the farm, and to share where we think it’s going next!

Catch all of the video highlights here! You can also check out the conversation we had on social by searching for the #FLroadshow hashtag on Twitter and Facebook.

Hitting the Road

Roadshow Stop 1: Texas

For the first stop of the FarmLogs Summer Roadshow, we travelled to Yoder Land and Cattle, located in Dallhart, Texas. Zac Yoder of Yoder Land & Cattle has been farming in Dalhart, Texas for the past 8 years. His parents, Steven and Pamela, began farming in Texas in the early '80s. Zac's parents and wife are all involved on the farm. They grow corn, wheat, soybeans and wine grapes with the help of their two full-time farm hands, Juan and Jorge. Zac has been using FarmLogs for the past two years.

Zac, thanks to you and your family for letting us host our event on your wonderful farm! 

The FarmLogs team in Texas

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Roadshow Stop 2 - Illinois

For our second stop on the FarmLogs Summer Roadshow, we stopped in Palestine, Illinois at the Steve Fulling Farm! Steve Fulling and his family are sixth generation farmers in LaMotte Township and have been operating their farm for the last 29 years. Some of the ground that they farm has been in the family for more than 100 years. Steve’s wife and sons are all involved in his farm, with the help of a seasonal farm hand. The farm prides themselves on reusing and repurposing as much as they can. Steve has been using FarmLogs since the Winter of 2013.

Steve and Cindy, thanks again for opening your farm to your neighbors and your FarmLogs friends! Can't wait to see you again soon!

The FarmLogs team in Illinois

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Stop 3: North Dakota

We held our third #FLroadshow event in Hillsboro, North Dakota at the Jon Bertsch farm. Jon believes that if their farm stays current with today’s trends in agriculture, then they can experience success in the years ahead. He works on the farm with support from their agronomist and three hired farm hands. The Bertsch’s started using Farmlogs in 2013 and their farm raises corn, soybeans, wheat and sunflowers. 

Jon, thanks again for inviting us to your farm for the day (and clearing out your shed to make it all happen!). The FarmLogs Summer Roadshow wouldn't have been the same without you!

The FarmLogs team in North Dakota

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Stop 4: Minnesota

For the 4th stop of the FarmLogs Summer Roadshow, we stopped in Bird Island, Minnesota. The day before the event, the surrounding area saw historic rainfall. Many of the fields we passed into town were flooded out.

We weren't sure if holding the event would be an imposition to our host farmer. But when we arrived on site, George Elfering and the whole Elfering family greeted us warmly, ready to help us have an amazing day on their farm. 

George, thanks for letting us talk about FarmLogs with other MN farmers! We loved spending time with your family, and hope to see you all again soon!

The FarmLogs team in Minnesota

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Stop 5: Iowa

For our 5th ‪#‎FLroadshow‬ event, we stopped in Fort Dodge, Iowa at Secor Farms. Brandon Zwink of Secor Farms has been farming with his father-in-law, Bill Secor Junior since the Fall of 2013, and the Secor Family has been farming in the Fort Dodge area since Bill Senior arrived in the 1950s.

They grow corn, soybeans, and even grapes for the Vineyard and Winery that the family has been running for the past 10+ years.  

To everyone who joined us for a day on the farm in Iowa, thank you! And to the Secors and Zwinks, thank you too! It was the perfect event: great people, great weather, in a gorgeous venue. We hope to see you again soon!

The FarmLogs team in Iowa

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Stop 6: Michigan

As a grand finale to our first-ever FarmLogs Summer Roadshow, we held our final event in Caro, Michigan on the Vollmar Family Farms — the very place that Jesse Vollmar, CEO and Co-Found of FarmLogs, was born and raised! Mark Vollmar has been farming in Caro, Michigan for 33 years. His grandfather, Carl Vollmar, bought the farm in 1910, and Mark began renting the land from him in 1989 when his father retired from farming.

Mark and his brother Steven are equal shareholders of Vollmar Family Farms, Inc. and they cooperate with his son Jordan, their neighbor Kip Parsell, and his two sons. The farm has been certified organic since 1996.

To Mark and the entire Vollmar family, thank you so much for opening up your farm to help us connect with other Michigan farmers. We are quite sure we will be seeing you all again soon. :)

FarmLogs team in Michigan

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